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Evapotranspiration Scheduling (ET)

Plant evapotranspiration (ET) is the combination of transpiration - water evaporation from plant leaves, and evaporation from the soil surface. ET irrigation scheduling uses crop ET estimates to determine the irrigation amount and timing. Each irrigation replaces the water used by the crop - the ET - since the last irrigation.

The frequency of irrigation is determined by the irrigation system used, the soil conditions, and the rooting characteristics of the crop.

ET information is available as Historical ET - average year ET, and as Real-time ET - ET information based on current weather information.

Historical ET information is ready to use with the estimated ET being tabulated for the entire year. Using Real-time ET will require you to access reference crop ET information and then adapt it for use with your crop.

Frequency of Irrigation

Historical ET

Real-Time ET

How to Do ET Irrigiation Scheduling